Although there’s a lot of music going on in Mojacar, it all seems to be the same – well to my ears – lots of, mainly, old-ish guys bashing out old tunes in English for all the ex-pats to tap their toes to. We really are here to enjoy Spanish culture – the food, the climate (main reason I guess), the drink, the drink and hopefully some music.  My spirits lifted when I saw a poster for 3 classical concerts in neighbouring Carboneras – bit of a hairpin drive but only 30 minutes away. So we thought we’d go and have a day looking around this strange little harbour town. 

It does have a few claims to fame – being such an ancient port. Some more recent ones being used in film sets for lawrence of Arabia & The Four Feathers – one of my favourite films.  There’s even a statue of Lawrence.


The main square & town hall

It has a castle, which we took it in turns to have a look around

See Viv waiting with Toby outside

View from the top, showing one of Spain’s biggest power stations

They have a photographic exhibition on – showing some of the photos of the various film sets

(Above, the Lawrence set being built and, below, the Four Feathers scenes)

Three concerts on Saturdays in December – 12€ for all three!

There’s the Lawrence statue, castle and music room behind.

Toby was promised a walk and swim – idyllic beach (apart from power station and desalination plant behind)

Action shots of Toby

They also have rather a wreck of a windmill – only one along this coast

After a further stroll around the town, with shops closing (another of Steve’s cunning plans!), we sat down at a bar (Felipe?) and had a beer plus a sandwich – we asked for a small toasted sandwich and received a huge Subway-type baton filled with excellent off the bone Serrano ham, cheese and tomato! Odd but nice. On the way back we gave Toby more of a walk and swim at Playa Algarobbio, complete with an incomplete hotel!

Looks like I’ve taught Toby the goosestep!

It’s the long and winding road back to Mojacar

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