Christmas Lunch & Empty Beaches

One of the joys/fears of being in Spain is the sanitation – I feel I ought to say that word like Les Dawson – sotto voce sanitationLiving on a narrowboat does make one aware of the need to empty the tank – a pump out. And we have to do that about every 6-8 weeks. Well, we awoke on Wednesday with blocked drains – nothing would flush away and it was backing up – I’ll not go into details! Blue Sea Villas were alerted and a man in a van turned up pretty quickly. Lots of chin rubbing and “muy dificil”, a few mobile phone calls later he then said he’s called for back up (no, that’s what we’ve got!) – el camion ! And lo, within 30 minutes the “camion” did indeed turn up and with a lot of flushing from the street all was “perfecto”. What a brilliant service and the cause? Not us but tree roots.


Not sure you’d get this service in the UK

And later that day with a lot off our minds (and elsewhere) we set off for a promised beach walk and a swim for Toby – absolutely empty beaches in the afternoon sunshine.

Rather overdid the swimming as he is now limping a bit – an old boy but with a kiddie brain

(hmm, remind you of anyone??)

Thursday saw us at Los Conteros, restaurant in Villaricos for their Christmas lunch.




We picked up this chap too – seemed in need of a decent meal! And most decent it was too. Fancy that, eating Christmas dinner outside!!

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