First Night – Parador de Albacete

Yes, it was a long drive – guess we’re not used to it. Probably around 7 hours, albeit shared between us. I think we’ll do a two night stop on our return (if we return ;- ). The sat nav (bought a new one earlier this year – Mio MyDrive 55 with a built-in dashcam) was very good. Has a habit of including where you start as an end point so wants to take you back there but we got that sorted. It took us the 100’s of miles round the motorways, on to toll roads and around Madrid and then to Albacete – in the plains of La Mancha. Didn’t see any windmills or Sancho Panza! But we did see 100’s of wind turbines. We like Paradors and have stayed in quite a few (about 14 I think over the years). Not cheap but they are a great Spanish success story, started back in the 1920’s to promote tourism, they are still state run and are often in old castles or ancient monuments! See Paradors.

On the road


Definitely in Spain, then!

Turbines not windmills in La Mancha


The Parador


Our free drink for being loyal Amigos de Paradores

You do know what to expect with a Parador – big rooms, big, comfortable beds and a great bathroom with twin sinks and lots of consumables! Viv signed up for the loyalty programme and so gained us two free breakfasts (30 €), so quite a reasonably priced stopover. Back on the road at 0940 . . . last 3 hours to Mojacar.


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