Further along the coast . . . Villaricos

What’s it all about?

No, not the meaning of life but out here?

Keeping warm, yes but also to get away from the Christmas tat!

Christmas is generally low key in Spain – a greater emphasis is placed on the 6th January – the Three Kings. In Tenerife, they had three chaps, dressed as the three kings on camels, parading through the streets, distributing sweets to all the children. Over the years, the commercial “western” influence has grown and tinsel has spread gangrenously through this part of Europe – sorry, getting a bit Victor Meldrew there! We had a nice trip to Villaricos – a village further along the coast from Mojacar – past Garrucha, past Vera Playa to the small fishing village with two ports! A good walk for Toby (and us). And not a piece of tinsel in sight!!

One of the two small harbours – running boat trips – look no decorations!

Looking back towards Mojacar in the distance

It may have rained all day yesterday but little sign of that now

Some ancient archeology here

Same old dog pic – Toby posing and waiting for the “in” command!

We walked around the point up to where the fresh water lagoons start (lots of birdlife here – saw egrets and cormorants) and in the distance – Mojacar. The Pueblo up on the hill doesn’t seem so high from here. And helps to explain why they have mountain water at the Fountain.

We stopped in the square for a coffee and saw this chap (reminds us of Dr Who and “Are you my Mummy?”), spraying the palm trees, totally harmless spray of course, hence the outfit . . .

They do have a beetle that is destroying trees so this must help.

Meanwhile and only yards away we decide to have a snack! Steven decides to abandon his “only here to eat Spanish food” and tucks in to a Full English! Viv has a more typical, tostado – an open sandwich with cheese & ham.

You know when you’ve gone a bit native when you get a loyalty card from the local Supermarket!


Off to a local Christmas fayre today – well, it is for a good cause!

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