Hace Lluvia – We have rain!

Bit novel but yes, we have rain – lots of of it! Started yesterday and carried on through the night and it looks set for all today too – still fairly warm, so it seems like a standard British summer. Must pop down to one of the British bars and have fish n chips! Meanwhile, rescued this chap, a praying mantis. Saw him on the roof yesterday and then found him upside down in a puddle this morning. Put him in a bush – not sure if that’s right but he deserves a chance.

Managed a walk on the beach with Toby and then got slightly damp walking back!


But today it was raining solidly – the plants need it – driest Summer for 60 years. If it wasn’t for the big desalination plant in Carboneras, this area would have to be evacuated – no water!


Not sure I like the forecast ahead – some very cold starts!!

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