Hysteria, Planets in Conjuction & Another Nice Restaurant

Popped down to the Ankara bar on Sunday to hear “Hysteria”, another band that plays here 2 – 4, and they were very good – not many bands play White Wedding and certainly a tad more heavy than most we’ve heard here. This was the weekend of the planets Jupiter & Venus appearing together – at sunrise. So we got up at 0640 to peer at horizon from the roof and lo, they were there. Venus is about the same size as Earth but Jupiter is about 12x the size of the Earth but 10x further away than Venus, so here Venus appears larger & brighter. We felt quite privileged to see this and were reminded of how insignificant we all are! And later we met John at the Imperial (nice pasta/pizza place on the beach) for a beer and to share a pizza between us – gorgeous! Then another swim for Toby and even a splash about for Steve! Can this really be 13th November and is the Old Man really 60 next week!!! Still can’t decide if we should go out or do a BBQ for the big day??

Sunrise from our roof

Hysteria from the beach bar! Is that Barry singing?

Monday morning 0658 – the two planets appear above the horizon . . . and then zoomed in . . . ..

Yep, still warm enough to have a dip.

But would you take this dog into a restaurant? Or even in your car!!?

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