Sorry, couldn’t pass that up. Yes, day trip to the lovely Spanish village of Níjar. Bit of a slow start but then, who’s hurrying. Just the 50 odd minute drive on the motorway. Walk up the high street, coffee in the Glorietta bar (again) and then slowly bimble up to the tower and then back to the bar for lots of tapas, beer, wine and further raciones of food . . .

Firstly, a bit of pool lounging . . .



Morning tea on the terrace

Followed by morning coffee

Up the hill

What are they looking at?

The tower – Atalaya

The View From . . . all the way to the sea

One made it . . . Viv

Then two. . . . Viv & Lynsey

Then all three made it . . . Viv, Lynsey & Chris

Happy to be on top of the world

Meanwhile, Steve phones his Mum!

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