Old town – Mojacar Pueblo

Where did Thursday go? Hmm, it’s starting already! Time to get out a bit. Mojacar was really an old town perched on a hill before the beach area got developed, so we thought we’d drive up and have a look around. Here’s an aerial photo (taken by a drone – thanks to Lennox Napier for this)


An amazing place! This is really the Spain that we love.

Quite a long way up! It has a lovely church and a weeping statue too.

Toby gets dragged around but he seems happy.

Viv was happy too – lots of shops and a new mug!

Steve, meanwhile latched on to this shop “De Autor”, which was selling wines, spirits, local beer (yes, APA, IPA , triples and even a stout!). Bought some beer and a manzanilla for Viv.

Tried the TZ40’s panoramic shot . . . . probably best viewed on the TV

It was only a quick visit for we had an hour to “play” in Mercadona after this . . .

I know things will cool down here and temperatures will dip a bit but just a reminder that that really is the sun up there and it is still in the twenties Celsius here.

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