Our Saga Tour – Cabo de Gata – venturing out . . .

Time to venture out and explore a little. Our Cardiff friends will want to see some raw nature so we decided to go to the Cabo de Gata – a huge nature reserve, containing Europe’s only real desert (there are technical deserts around but this is the only hot one, rainfall <200 mm and average yearly temp > 18)! In 1997 it was designated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve, in 2001, it was included among the specially protected areas of Mediterranean importance and then in 2010, it was proposed to dump nuclear waste! Humans, eh?

We did a circular tour, starting with Nijar (only 50 odd minutes drive), then on to La Isleta for lunch and back via Rodalquiler, the old gold mine and Carboneras and home.


Nijar is a very pretty town – famous for its ceramics

Main square with church & town hall


Church interior

Viv & Toby waiting patiently – very nice cafe behind (Glorietta) – good for a coffee

Onwards and upwards – stopping to buy some rugs, sweets and ceramics from the tourist shop.

Passing by an art museum – pay attention J&P!!

Lots of rooms with some very interesting pieces . .

A Spanish Beryl Cook?



A 3D artwork

Onwards and a lot more UP – to the tower

Managed to get Viv in the tower – and I let her out again.

Quite breathtaking views to the south and the sea – all the shiny surfaces are greenhouses

Look! Two old dears on a bench!

Another pose – copying one taken many years ago in Gran Canaria. Lola?

Back on the road – pretty much deserted – we came across what looked like the High Chaperral?

Drove down to La Isaleta – a small fishing village – with communal washing

Delightful fishing village – looks good for lunch?

Toby gets a swim too

Warship on the horizon – no idea what – looks a tad old, maybe Spanish?

Meanwhile, Steve tucks in to his Dorada

And Viv has a pizza!

After a stroll to walk that lot off (didn’t show you the photo and Steve’s large slice of homemade chocolate cake!!), we gave Toby yet another swim, then off on the road, short hop to Rodalquiler and the disused gold mines. Very eerie and creepy – didn’t stay long here.

And here’s the entrance to the mine

The SatNav took us on a cross-country route to Carboneras – very rural and quite a few birds seen. This is the road between Carboneras and Mojacar – yes, that is the road up there ahead!


Twas a grand day out and the driving was quite a doddle in the end – 147km and back on the Indalo beach at 1630 to give Toby his last run & swim for the day.


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