About Us

Well, Hello!

You’ve probably arrived here from our previous blog – all about our dreams (and nightmares) on board our wee narrowboat Adagio, if not, you really ought to have a look, it is a masterpiece if I may say so myself!

It can be found here: Narrowboat Adagio


Who’s “we”? Well, we is . . . Steve & Viv Carter plus dog Toby – a kind of Collie/Alsatian cross. A very soft and friendly dog.

We’d had enough of shovelling £500 worth of coal up the chimney of our boat’s stove, drawing the curtains at 4 p.m. and putting the ubiquitous TV on in the night. We’re getting on a bit (Steve’s 60 in November!!) and we have tried learning Spanish (3 times we attempted the intermediate course), so we ought to give the overwintering a go.

We were recommended Mojacar by a friend (John Bartlett) who came out here last year – also with his dog.

So drive to Pompey, ferry to Bilbao,drive to Andalucia via Albacete . . . how hard can it be


***** owing to the ill health of Steve’s Father, Steve returned home for Christmas & New Year – he’s back and we plan to cut short our stay here to be nearer his home ********


****** Steve’s Father passed away early January, so we are returning to the UK now *******