Windy City

The weather back in our marina looks very chilly – minus 10 overnight!!!

Just when you thought the weather here was pretty boring – more sun, nice and warm, again – it changes. I knew there was rain and some wind on it’s way but it arrived early. We were woken up at 0400 with the sound of plastic chairs on the roof moving around – spent a happy time bringing them all down, in our pyjamas! Very warm but winds were gusting 47 mph  (that’s Force 8 to 9). And it kept this up until midday – very unsettling and no sleep. Now it’s calming down a wee bit and we have lots of rain. Back to normal tomorrow!

Here’s a few minutes from the roof – very strange cloud formations

Meanwhile, Toby gets to swim most days – so he’s pretty happy, if always damp and covered in sand:


I wouldn’t say that living out here is a lot cheaper than home, apart from heating costs I suppose but one thing that is amazingly cheaper is alcohol – we bought some sherry like wines from the Turre market, they taste like sherry but aren’t fortified, so just wine strength, which is good. The 5 litre box was 10€ and the 2 litre one was 2€.

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